•  Do I need to be able to scuba dive?

       No, we will be snorkeling with the whales. 

  • Do I need bring my own snorkel gear?
    I highly recommend bringing your own snorkelling gear. If you are going to buy a mask before you come on the trip then go to a good dive shop and try the masks on. However there are snorkel, masks, fins and wetsuits available for you to use.

  • What food is included?
    All breakfasts and main meals are included whilst at the resort. Lunches are provided on your boat days. You will need to just buy your own snacks and drinks.

  • How do I pay for my snacks and drinks? 

      You can pay at the end using debit/credit card or cash.

  • What is the weather like?
    The days are warm, usually around 24-28 degrees Celsius, but you must also be prepared for some cooler weather.

  • How long are the days on the boat?

      You will be on the boat for around 6 hours each day.

  • What are the sea conditions like?

       It can be calm and flat. If it's windy then we'll have a bit of wind chop/sea swell.             

  • What else is there to do when I'm not whale swimming? Bike riding, paddle boarding, kayaking, read a book, snorkel the reefs. 

  • How likely are we to see whales?

      These are wild animals so we can't 100% guarantee sightings/swims every day, but I can say that it is highly likely that you will.


  • Is there WIFI Yes there is wifi in the restaurant/bar area.

  • How much is the deposit?

      The deposit is 50% of the total trip cost.