Victoria Walker

Swimmer with whale tonga

Ocean Whale Swims is run by underwater photographer, Victoria Walker.


Victoria has travelled the world in search of whales for the past 15 years. From Baja Mexico to The South Pacific and Dominica. She's swam with Whale sharks, Pilot Whales, Humpbacks and Sperm Whales. Her work and images seek to inspire empathy as well as contributing to the public’s greater awareness and understanding of marine conservation-related issues.

Her all time favourite expedition is to Tonga to swim with the humpbacks. This is where you can join her on the trip of a lifetime and share her ocean adventure!

"I've experienced many wildlife encounters, but nothing comes close to looking a humpback whale in the eye. Swimming with a humpback whale is like no other wildlife encounter on the planet, and a huge privilege"

Staying on the beautiful Tongan Island of Foa in Ha'apai, Victoria and a professional whale guide will take you out on the water.

For all budding photographers, Victoria will be there to provide you with personalised photography tuition to help you capture the perfect image as you swim with humpback whales. 

During your stay, Victoria will also be on hand to review your images and provide editing guidance to help you improve the following day.