Whales in Antarctica

2019 ended with an unexpected job in Antarctica!

Of course the first thing that I thought was... I'm going to see the humpbacks arriving from the South Pacific!

It's been a dream to go to Antarctica for years.

I've spent so much time in Tonga with the humpbacks in calf season but to actually travel to the other end of their migration was mind blowing!

I was lucky enough to see 20+ Fin whales travelling together, killer whales, minke whales and finally the humpbacks.

The humpbacks had only just started to arrive so it was quite lucky to get some sightings.

Just to think...we might see this fella in Tonga this year!

Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale

Fin Whale

Fin Whale

Commerson Dolphin

Commersons Dolphin

Fin Whale Party!

Female Orca and Calf

Female Orca

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