2020 and 2021 Trips Cancelled

The borders in Tonga remain closed. With too much uncertainty in the air we have made the decision to start running our trips again in 2022.

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We can't wait to get back to Tonga and show you this extraordinary experience of swimming with humpback whales.

Use this time to start planning your trip of a life time, tick it off your bucket list and make your dream trip of swimming alongside a whale a reality.

We operate out tours at the best time to see the humpback whales in Tonga. They have arrived to the islands to give birth and raise their young. Can you imagine looking a whale in the eye and having a humpback whale calf coming up to you and wanting interact?!

Our tours run with only very small numbers of up to 6 guests, allowing more water time for everyone. These trips can be booked exclusively for private groups or individually.

The location we use is their sanctuary and we are incredibly privileged to be allowed to enter into their world.

It will be worth the wait!

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