Sperm Whales of Dominica

This January I took a trip out to Dominica to try and swim with Sperm Whales.

Dominica is home to around 200 resident sperm whales.

The Sperm whale normally lives far from shore in waters over 1000 m deep. However, Dominica holds a deep ocean basin off the west coast of the island which creates perfect living conditions for them. This makes it fairly viable to see and swim with the whales out there.

A photo was taken of every fluke to record any new members of the family or to see if they had any new bite/attack marks. A sperm whale can be harassed by Killer Whales or Large pods of Pilot Whales. They will bite at the sperm whales fluke and in some cases they will drown a baby sperm whale.

One of the whales I swam with still had his squid lunch stuck in his teeth! They dive extremely deep when they are hunting for squid. They can dissapear for up to 45 minutes before resurfacing.

One particular whale named Canopener took a liking to me (not sure if it was my pink wetsuit!) I suppose I didn't look that dissimilar to a squid!

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